Save the Honey Bees, Save Humanity

We are the local Honey Beekeeping Club of Henry County Georgia. Our purpose is to learn, share, and grow together in getting and keeping bees, harvesting honey, maintaining healthy-hives, and fellowship with other beekeepers. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Attending the meetings are FREE and we have activities throughout the year. For more information, contact our President, Tom Bonnell at

Learn & Grow

There are many resources on the web, social media, and real people. The best place the start, is by asking questions and meeting experience beekeepers. Join us the second Tuesday at 7:00pm

We meet at 117 Race Track Road McDonough, Georgia 30253 YOUR INVITED and it is FREE!


We pride ourselves on matching new BeeKeepers with mentors who will teach, show, and help the new Beekeeper- from getting a nuc/package to inspections and harvesting. We have learned that despite having youtube videos, “friends” that knew someone who kept bees, to social media- there is a lot of information out there, but in the end- what do you need to know to be successful? Our mentors love to help, teach, and share what they have learned with others. Need a mentor? Contact Danny Harvey at the next meeting for more information.

Club Fun Media 
Click to see pictures from our recent events!

We have so much fun with elementary enrichment- showcasing hives and beekeeping to elementary schools, socials, and of course our classes and monthly meetings. 

We provide a newsletter, monthly, to our members. It is full of helpful techniques, club news, celebration of our Beekeepers of the month, and other useful information. As with our club, the newsletter is a single source of useful information designed to help YOU keep your colonies alive AND thrive- afterall, without them, we have no food.

A word from our President

Welcome to the Henry County Beekeepers Club website.

Whether you are new to beekeeping or an experienced keeper of bees, this website has information we hope will be of interest to you.

Our mission is educating people about the best hobby in the world, “becoming a beekeeper”. Educated beekeepers are successful beekeepers. We offer bi-annual beginner beekeeping classes and monthly meeting programs to our members and the public.

Ask any bee keeping club member what their favorite part is, and they will tell you, ‘The people’. Bee people are just fun to ‘bee’ with. So, join us each month, on the 2nd Tuesday, as we explore the practices that will help you become a more successful beekeeper.

Our club has members who are new to the hobby as well as veteran beekeepers who have ‘been there’ for a long time.

Remember, “beekeeping in isolation is not a very learning experience”. So, come and visit us.

Join us now!

Our membership is $25/year for the FAMILY. It is used to keep the club running and there is no pressure, no extra fees, or “extras” to take more money after you join. You can submit your information at the link below that will go directly to our treasurer. There is no online payment, but you can bring cash or a check to the next meeting or mail it in.

Contact us

We meet monthly on the second Tuesday beginning at 7:00pm, with mentoring starting at 6:00pm. Attendance is encouraged, and there is no such thing as too many questions! Come out and learn!

Below are our bylaws. We are an open club who encourages visibility and accountability. These bylaws exist from the shared experiences of the past and with a view of the future leaders of the club. Have questions or need clarification? Contact our President Tom Bonnell. As we elect new leaders, it is important to have the details of what positions are and what is expected. It is our goal that members will take turns serving in leadership for the club and especially with new blood, ideas, and passions!