Mentoring Program


Especially for those who are interested and considering starting keeping of bees, and those who have just begun, A benefit of a membership in our club is our focus on matching you with a mentor who will be available, patient, helpful, honest, and help YOU get started, deal with seasonal vibes, and overall are as committed to saving the honey bee as you are!

Read below for more information on our program, and if you are an experienced keeper, or just starting, contact Danny Harvey at to learn more and to sign up!

A lot of us when we discuss our mentoring program relate it to new beekeepers. And yes, a mentoring program is for new beekeepers who are in the early stages of learning about beekeeping. Who seek out the help and advice of those that are more familiar and have a better understanding of the honey bee.

But it can be just as useful or beneficial to someone that has been keeping bees for several years. Maybe a beekeeper hasn’t quite been able to recognize the early warning signs that a colony is about to swarm. And one day realizes that some of their colonies now are not as populated as they were a few days earlier. Or perhaps they need some advice on how to best manage varroa, hive beetles or wax moths. These are just a few examples.

But the most important part of any mentoring program are the experienced members of the club that are willing to share their knowledge and ideas with the rest of us.

Prior to the pandemic, the club maintained a mentor roster. It contained the contact information and the area’s they were comfortable advising someone on. We would like to update this document to make it available to those that might seek one on one interaction with a mentor. If you are interested in serving the club in this capacity, please contact me at 404-312-1235 or email

Now, having said all of that, our mentoring sessions begin at 6pm before the regular meeting at 7pm. These sessions are open to all levels of beekeepers. We need experienced folks to share their knowledge with us. And we need to get an idea of what the concerns of our members, to perhaps help identify topics for future meetings. So please think about joining us at the next meeting, you might get inspired to be a mentor or get a solution to that nagging issue or better yet help a fellow beekeeper out.

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